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Too many people take too many drugs. Larry's Blog
I was recently sent an article that described how a female witness was barred from speaking at a congressional hearing about birth control where every other witness was male. The article spent no time focusing on the actual issue, but attempted to pull the attention away from it by creating another issue altogether.

No matter what you believe in regards to this topic, remember that your beliefs have little, if nothing, to do with fact.

This is a BS story that is unrelated to the topic at hand. I agree that the meeting in question was bogus, but reporting an incident where birth control pills might have prevented a cyst is pushing the envelope. Mainly because they've been pushing the idea that the birth control pill is a treatment for cysts for decades but have yet to show that it ever works. Progesterone maybe, birth control pills? Nope.

Ask Larry:

Question: I have been to see a hormone doctor and now have the Mirena Coil fitted, which releases a hormone to help me with my menopause symptoms. I can't tell you about the benefits as I haven't noticed any, but I'll give anything a chance if it helps. I'm also taking Noriday now. I feel like im going around in circles. Do you have any thoughts?

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There are many (legal) drugs - too many - and they all pose a threat to health, even when used according to the approved instructions.

Before I share the top three worst, I want to reiterate my basic concern about excess drug use. Of course, the people taking the drugs are at risk for harmful side effects. But, probably more importantly, those of us who don't take drugs directly can also suffer side effects from the tons of drugs routinely dumped into our drinking water supply.

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Question: I need some advice on my menopause symptoms that are still a big problem. I'm now on Noriday from a recommendation by my doctor. But I ache all over, feel suffer fatigued, I'm still depressed... Am I to accept this as just my age? I'm only 51 years old!

Larry's Response: I understand your frustration. You're one of THOUSANDS of women being treated with drugs for symptoms that are far easier to address naturally. However, using a drug like Noriday can actually make matters worse - and sometimes make it difficult to correct even after stopping the drug. Prescriptions for drugs like Noriday are common and the accepted treatment form for practically all menopause-related "problems". They present their own list of symptoms and - as you see - might even worsen the symptoms you are trying to resolve.

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I'm not THAT old, but I can tell you that our sensitivities about things sexual have changed dramatically since I was young. In days past the conversation was guarded and quiet. Girls had a "visit from her friend", and menopause was referred to as "the change", if it was mentioned at all. No man ever confided in another that his erections weren't as strong as before, and that he mostly dribbled when he peed.

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