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Naltrexone is a prescription drug, so your physician would have to give you a prescription. LDN is available from The Compounder pharmacy. If your doctor would like to know how to order click here and take a look at a sample order. We purchase pure naltrexone powder from a highly regarded supplier and compound it into the strength capsule your doctor orders.

We do NOT use slow-release fillers in our LDN.
We do not use calcium carbonate in our formulation.

Naltrexone is compounded in a variety of strengths. You should contact us about a specific quotation for your prescription. A month's supply of 3mg Naltrexone is under $30.00. Prices vary for different strengths and quantities. Call for exact prices for the strength and quantity you want.

The FDA approved naltrexone at the 50mg dosage in 1984. LDN (the 3mg dosage) has not yet been submitted for approval because it is highly unlikely that any drug company would spend the money to obtain approval for the special use of a drug whose patent has expired. Be assured, the compounded form of naltrexone (LDN) is made with FDA approved chemicals.

All physicians understand that appropriate off-label use of an already FDA-approved medication such as naltrexone is perfectly ethical and legal. Naltrexone itself has already passed animal toxicity studies.

Do you need help finding a doctor who understands LDN enough to prescribe it? Click here.



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I love LDN. It’s a great med! Garrett F. - St. Charles, IL
I am very satisfied with everything The Compounder handles for me. Thanks much! I also like the helpful inserts I receive with my order. Pat P. - Barrington, IL
Happy to be able to obtain LDN from you! Stacia R. - Cary, IL