The Compounder is a COMPOUNDING ONLY pharmacy, in Aurora, IL. The Frieders family is proud to have been in business since 1983.


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LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) has been used in dealing with auto-immune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. What do you know about LDN? Would LDN help you? Learn more about Naltrexone at The Compounder.


Larry J. Frieders, RPh has been hard at work trying to get EVERYONE to dispose of their unused, unwanted and expired medications SAFELY! If you can't find a yellow jug, COME USE OURS!...


In case you weren't already aware, The Compounder is home to the Aurora Bee Company!! Do you love local honey but don't get to the farmer's market that often? BUY FROM US!


In addition to many many many lifesaving medicines, The Compounder is also FULL OF DELICIOUSNESS! We are proud to be the home of Chocolates By Lydia!


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